How to draw ? Yes, there is a secret!

I had studied some important and long-forgotten stuff from Renaissance artists who wrote about how drawing should happen – in fact, for me, the absolute key came from a 15th century document that was famous in the time, but which no one has ever heard of today.

Undertaking an instructor training on drawing the right side of the brain was an important step, as it taught me the underlying neuroscience that makes this special learning possible.

Between those two things, I set up a training that I found allowed anyone – no matter how “talentless”, no matter how “beginner” – to learn to see in the special way of an artist and start drawing realistically… In just five days! Without exception !

It was a big shock to me at first to see “beginners” drawing at a level that had taken me years to achieve!

If that seems hard to believe, take a look at my students’ before/after drawings. They came to learn about art and left being artists themselves.

Once you can see how an artist works, then it is only a matter of learning the technical part of drawing which constitutes most of the drawing lessons and which you will also find in the many pages of exercises and information. available on this site – the difference being, that with your special “artist’s view” you will enjoy it and progress.

So don’t wait any longer, choose your subscription plan and start drawing!